How to effectively prepare for your exams

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It’s that time of year again when exams are appearing in the diary so we thought it would be useful for The Learning Support Centre and Jotters to share some useful strategies and techniques on how to effectively prepare.

1, Understand your learning style, what suits you best? E.g. are you a visual leaner and use post -it notes as reminders or do you identify with audio learning styles and record content to listen to on a Dictaphone or Ipod

2, Create an effective study plan –but don’t spend ALL your time producing it ☺  Book yourself blocks of time to revise e.g 2 hours at a time and then have a short break

3, Keep hydrated! Studies have shown that staying hydrated helps us stay well. Keep a bottle of water on your desk at all times

4, Can you access past papers to look at? This way you’ll be able to familiarise yourself with the layout of the exam and that will help with time management

5, Create a mind map to reflect what you already know – any gaps will show what still needs to be looked at

6, Are there any Apps to download? is a great example

7, Have an incentive to work towards such as a sweet treat or an episode of your favourite television programme

8, Find different places to revise not just at your desk. How about whilst you’re travelling on the bus or walking the dog?

9, If you have been in receipt of Study Skills support as part of a DSA package, speak to your tutor about memory techniques or look over the strategies you have put in place whilst you have been receiving support. For example, a proofreading strategy to explore would be to read your essay out aloud to spot errors with grammar and sentences that are too long