Our Proofreading Service supports you in reviewing and improving the accuracy of your written work, whether it is for academic or commercial purposes. Specialist Proofreaders will check your work, marking up changes electronically for you to review, consider and confirm.

The service is aligned to the requirements of academic institutions, as the client retains ownership of the work.

Our Proofreading Service includes checks for the following aspects of your work:

  • Appropriate and consistent use of capital letters.
  • Missing or repeated words.
  • Correct use of punctuation, e.g. commas, colons, semi-colons, full stops and apostrophes.
  • Correct use of words that are homophones (words that sound the same), e.g. compliment and complement.
  • Correct use of words that are often confused, e.g. effect and affect.
  • Accurate sentence grammar, including subject / verb agreement and appropriate use of tenses.
  • Consistency where there is a personal choice, e.g. some spellings (adviser / advisor) and some use of hyphenation (wellbeing / well-being).

For academic proofreading, your work will be checked for appropriate use of academic language and consistency in referencing format.

For commercial proofreading, checks will include suggestions for improvement to style or wording.

Pricing Information

After we have received your completed Enquiry Form, we will calculate the price and deadline for the work. Your document is proofread using the ‘Review’ and ‘Comments’ function of Microsoft Word™. This is a standard function installed in Microsoft Word™ 2013 and later versions. It allows you locate the corrections and suggestions proposed by the Proofreader before confirming and implementing the changes. If there is a pattern to mistakes found within a document, additional guidance notes will be returned to you.