Are you accessible to you disabled clients or learners?

Are you disability confident?

There are over 11 million people with a disability in the UK. 83% of disabled customers will “walk away” from making a purchase if products are poorly designed, their customer experience is poor and their needs not met. Disability awareness is not just about accessible publications and buildings it is about attitude.

By understanding disability and implementing changes accordingly you will have:

  • Informed staff and improved communication
  • Improved service provision
  • Increased customer satisfaction and engagement

With 13 years experience supporting disabled people, The Learning Support Centre and Jotters have a team of specialists who can offer training and consultancy to support your service.


Use our specialist disability support practitioners  to develop and enhance your service and team.

  • Promote inclusivity and independence in your organisation
  • Improve accessibility and communication with colleagues and clients
  • Identify and remove barriers experienced by disabled colleagues and clients
  • Help you understand and respond to diversity to achieve service excellence
  • Meet legal requirements

Our training uses the Social Model of Disability; our workshops are innovative, interactive, practical and relevant. Our training is a reasonable adjustment that is affordable and effective.

Accredited Training Courses

OCN London Note Taking for Disabled Students in Higher Education


“As a project we have been working with Jotters now for around 18 months, I have always found their service reliable and professional with real attention to detail across the whole organisation. In relation to their training they delivered a topic called ‘Learning Differences’ which I was unsure about whether my already experienced team would learn anything new ! Quite the opposite the Jotters trainers who delivered were excellent and their knowledge was in real depth and they have a great understanding of their subject. Subsequently I asked them to return and deliver the training to the whole of the housing department. A truly professional organisation who I will continue to do business with in the future.”

Joseph Cox, Y POD Project Manager, YMCA

We have a range of training which is superb for professionals who are case holding. This could include:

  • Identifying Specific Learning Differences and what to do next
  • Strategies for developing independent skills with the focus on working with people with Specific Learning Differences
  • Mental health awareness
  • Autistic Spectrum awareness
  • Dyslexia Awareness

Consultancy work.

Got a project but no time carry it out? Need some specialist advice? Please contact us for a free meeting to discuss your requirements.