ADHD, are we seeing an increase in adults getting a diagnosis?

Since the pandemic we have seen a high demand for training in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) awareness, due to a high number of students being advised to seek or who have received a diagnosis of ADHD.

Olivia Attwood has recently spoken out about her diagnosis of ADHD, this came about from accessing support for her anxiety. Olivia Attwood was a contestant on ITVs Love Island and is part of the cast of ITVs TOWIE.

Could it have been her ADHD traits that make her straight talking, maybe speaking before thinking and in turn creating a persona that is perceived as confrontational and sometimes rude. This could be seen as a negative however Olivia has a successful career and her own TV show which is due to her persona. So, is it a positive and has her ADHD traits actually supported her success?

With a diagnosis comes power in terms of knowledge and understanding of your neurodiversity whatever that may be.  Did you know ADHD is the only neurodiversity that can be medicated? Some people especially those with a diagnosis in adulthood can find the effects of medication life changing.

However, do people truly understand ADHD? Our CPDSO* accredited workshop provides a better understanding of ADHD and strategies to support adults in Higher Education. If you would like more information email

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