What’s your work/learning style?


The Learning Support Centre are advocates of embracing individual learning and work styles. Over the last year members of our team have taken part in activities to understand and develop work and learning preferences.

What is your work and learning preferences?

Understanding and communication is part of our everyday work and learning environment. Have you ever wondered why sometimes when you are trying to explain or understand a project or procedure it doesn’t always ‘sink in’ first time and felt frustrated.

Work and learning preferences indicates our ideal method of how best we learn. Whether you are a visual, audio or kinaesthetic (active) learner can influence how you interact with colleagues/peers but also how you approach a new or existing project.

How does knowing improve my communication and team work skills?

Understanding our own and colleagues preferences can improve how we communicate and our work life balance. Understanding how to interact not only with your colleagues but also with your clients can enable you to get the results you want.

How can I find out what my work/learning style is?

There are two activities we use at the Learning Support Centre to discover our individual working and learning preferences. These are The Myers Briggs Types Indictor and QuickScan.

The Myers Briggs Types Indictor tool supports you and your team to learn and understand how to work as a team in harmony.

QuickScan is an online dyslexia screening tool which asks a series of multiple choice questions that can identify your learning style.

If you are interested in discovering more about you and yours teams work and learning preferences then why not contact The Learning Support Centre to discuss an opportunity to meet with one of practitioners. Contact us @ http://learningsupportcentre.com/contact/