Welcome our new apprentice Felix

Felix group shot

Hi, I am Felix and I am a new Apprentice for the Learning Support Centre. I applied to become an apprentice because I desired to work in the office full time. However, I could not get employment, even though I had very good grades from school simply because I did not have the relevant experience to work in the office. In light of this, I applied to become an apprentice for an office firm and when I saw the Learning Support Centre, I did not hesitate to apply, due to the fact that I had worked in a care setting. I was ecstatic to have been given the role and to have the chance to gain the vital experience needed to succeed in the Office.

I expected my first week to be difficult and a big jump into the unknown, however I have been greeted by the extremely lovely and affable staff. My first day started with an Induction to the company by the Managing Director Laura, and then I was made to read the policy and procedures; not the most exciting thing to do but it was rather imperative that I learned the important policies as quickly as I could.

As the days went on, I became proficient in the art of scanning, Shredding and copying. My processing speed is now on a masterful level and I still strive to improve. I also learned about the network and how to operate the email system via Outlook. At present, I am learning how to use the CRM software Maximizer, which is a data entry software with various uses. I have been learning how to make new referrals using this software.

I am very happy with how my first week has been going and I look forward to the following weeks and months working for the Learning Support Centre. I expect to learn a lot and gain invaluable experience while I continue to be an apprentice here.