Volunteering Opportunities this Summer!

Today’s blog is written by De Montfort University student Scott Davies.

Over the last year Scott has volunteered for a variety of community-based projects. Here he talks about his current volunteering project and how you can get involved.

I receive many volunteering opportunities from DMU square Mile; one opportunity I received was to be part of the Action Homeless Holiday Lunch Club project that aims to fill the gap in the summer holidays for children who receive free school meals. After showing interest in the volunteering role, I received an email from Action Homeless outlining the location of the opportunities and what time they were on. I first decided to support St Matthews Community Centre, however, I enjoy volunteering so much I decided to take on more which ended up with me working for the Holiday Hunger programme 5 days a week at various centres!

Monday and Tuesday, I volunteer at St Matthews Community Centre where we cook and prepare food for the local community, then serve the food to the children. Wednesday, I volunteer at St Matthews Big Local where we also prepare meals ready to serve to the local community. Also, we hand out essentials on Wednesday for families to help get them through the week. Between these three days in St Matthews we can help feed up to 150 children within the local community of St Matthews.

Thursday and Fridays, I volunteer for Christ the King Church where we prepare packed lunches for various community centres in Beaumont Leys including Barley Croft Community Centre where they also provide activities for the children. Families may also turn up for a packed lunch at Christ the King. Being part of Christ the King on Thursday and Friday I have helped to feed over 300 children in the Beaumont Leys community.

This is a fantastic project to be a part of as you gain kitchen skills while also feeding children who may go hungry if we did not provide this service. This project takes place in many locations throughout Leicester, therefore, if you would to volunteer or find out more about the project please email JasmineBradshaw@actionhomeless.org.uk.

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