Time to Talk 4th February

Time to Talk Day is a campaign run by Time to Change, an organisation aiming to end mental health discrimination. Time to Talk Day takes place on 4th February, with the theme of “The Power of Small”. The focus of this is to highlight that even the smallest of conversations around mental health, have the power to make a big difference. Within our support sessions through the Mental Health Mentoring Service, we often see the power of conversation and check ins in helping people reduce the barriers to Mental Health. The Time to Talk campaign encourages us all, in whatever situation, to engage in conversations around mental health to collectively support one another and limit the isolation often faced by people with mental health challenges. We openly share many aspects of physical illness with each other, let’s help reduce the stigma of mental health by sharing and talking about mental health too. The Time to Change website has many resources available to promote the campaign, let’s start talking to end mental health stigma.




Cat Robinson, Specialist Mental Health Mentor at The Learning Support Centre.