The Learning Support Centre – switch to tea


Statistics from The Carbon Trust show that by leaving the lights on in an office overnight wastes the same amount of energy that you would use to heat enough water for 1000 cups of tea!

By having an environmental conscience we can reduce figures like this. They go to show that by making small changes the results are improvements which we can all benefit from.

The Learning Support Centre have been awarded the bronze and silver Green Impact awards (and we’ll work towards the gold award during next academic year). As a result of this project we have a check list which is attached to our main office door, the list is all of the daily shut down activities we must ensure we are doing.  We want to be green and not form statistics about being wasteful.

Here at LSC we’re all partial to a cuppa but we know it’s important to only heat up the water we need not enough for 1000 cups at a time!