The Learning Support Centre – are we green?

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It’s not easy being green…or is it?

The Learning Support Centre like to think of themselves as being green. We’re careful about what we buy, use sustainable products, recycle our household waste- you know the kind of thing.

Being part of the Green Impact project has made us very aware of environmental factors and we often find ourselves saying things like:

‘You should switch that light off’

‘You shouldn’t buy that’

‘Wear a jumper’

However this year we have turned our attentions to spreading the green word amongst our colleagues who work outside of the office

Whilst some of them are already environmentally aware in the fact they recycle, use bags for life and walk to work we understand that a few messages still need to be communicated.

We realise that it’s not going to be easy to make people change their thinking. But the truth is – it’s all about the small changes in life. We’re not asking you to sell your car, become vegan or start attending Greenpeace protests (although of course you are welcome to)

It’s just about being sensible, valuing our beautiful planet and thinking a bit differently.

Here are a few tips to help you become an earth lover:

  • Use your computer not paper! We are in the process of digitizing some of our records and asking people to supply information digitally instead of form filling. Files are for computers not cabinets!
  • Tupperware! Or plastic boxes as we like to call them. If you take some time to prepare food at home and bring it in a reusable box you are not only saving money but you are saving the planet
  • Buy environmentally friendly paper. This can be for your printer paper, notepads, diaries, the list goes on. Just be smart when you shop.
  • Ban screen savers – in an office like ours we are often in and out for meetings, training (or getting a coffee). Why not let your computer have some quiet time? When a screen saver pops into action it’s just like putting on a movie that nobody’s watching. What a waste of energy!
  • Use Green Cleaning Products environmentally friendly cleaning products have several benefits. They are better for health, better for the environment and are often approved by BUAV so no nasty animal testing.


So why not rethink some of your bad habits and get green. There are benefits for your health, your purse and most of all the planet.