The Healing Sikh – Gong Meditation!

During our recent visit to The Autism show at the NEC in Birmingham I was really impressed to see some brilliant exhibitors. At the show we were able to choose from over 100 hours of talks, clinics and workshops plus hundreds of specialist products and service, one of the services that stood out to me was The Healing Sikh. A service providing alternative and holistic services for people with Autism  

The Healing Sikh was very happy to chat to us about the positivity of mediation of Gong” meditation. My colleagues and I also got to experience the “Gong” Meditation for ourselves! Although it perhaps was not the ideal environment I could appreciate how calming and therapeutic the sound of the gong would help someone feel relaxed in the right environment.  

There is more information on and how you can follow The Healing Sikh on the link below as well as some dates when you can join the Healing Sikh for morning gong mediation! 


Happy meditating! 


Do you have autism? And are studying at University?

We can provide specialist study skills tuition, mentoring to support with anxiety or domestic support.

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