Student Support Success Story

On November 6th there was a ceremony held at De Montfort University to celebrate the achievements of Business and Law students, including those whose overall marks were within the top 10%. A student who receives note taking support from Jotters was amongst them.

Ashleigh Mays is a second year Law student, and this is what I know about her, she loves wolves, online gaming, music and Marks and Spencer’s biscuits! We met to discuss Ashleigh’s achievements, and I was left humbled by Ashleigh’s praise of others. “It was a great celebration of everyone’s achievements…everyone worked really hard and they deserve credit”.

Ashleigh praised her De Montfort University lecturers “Their free time which is offered to students is widely appreciated, they always make themselves available”, the support from the Disability Advice and Support team “they have paid attention to my requirements and gone the extra mile in supporting me” and credits Jotters with “helping her to achieve even more of her potential”.

Ashleigh’s family and in particular her parents play a massive part in her life. They have always encouraged her and she describes them as “selfless”.

Ashleigh has, by her own admission “been through a lot of stuff, some of it bad” but on meeting and working with Ashleigh her resilience, strength of character and determination shine through. So I’d like to take this opportunity to say a most heartfelt well done, from all of the Jotters team. You are a pleasure to support and we look forward seeing you realise your dreams.