Student Participation Required

A small group of 6 students on the second year of Interior Design at DeMontfort University are looking at designing beautiful bespoke houses or apartments for disabled people and they would really like to interview disabled students about their requirements for their homes and also their desires or “wish list”. We’re trying to make sure that any designs definitely fulfil specific spatial needs that people have, but also fulfil their aesthetic hopes and dreams as well. My feeling is that a home should reflect the style and tastes of the owner, and that within the design it’s important to minimise the impact of a persons disability.

However the space must be absolutely suitable in terms of space, for example, if the person has mobility issues, doorways need to be wide enough, thresholds level, light switches in the appropriate place or automatic lights, and similarly for people with sensory impairments.

If you are a student and receive support from The Learning Support Centre and Jotters and you’d be interested in being interviewed by Interior Design students about your “dream pad” please contact Rebecca Graaff on or call 0116 2551551 ext. 8983


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