Student Guide to Understanding Anxiety


I found this really useful resource on-line that I am really keen to share with you all, I hope you find it handy.

“For one week only, The Student Guide to Understanding Anxiety is available for free download! From the 19th-25th October, you can download the guide by clicking the link: 

The guide has been developed to help support you through university or college and to help you manage any feelings of apprehension and anxiety that you might be having. The guide will also help you to recognise symptoms of anxiety and enable you to identify when anxiety might be beginning to impact negatively on your ability to function on a day to day basis.

Along with the Guide, you’ll also have the option of taking out a Student Membership with Anxiety UK, where you’ll be given fast access to reduced-cost private therapy, and a years subscription to Headspace, a unqiue online meditation and mindfulness programme (launching on November 1st) including being part of a like-minded supportive community.

– See more at: “