From Student to Academic Support Worker


During my time at university I received support via Disabled Students Allowances (DSA) to help support me with my studies. As part of my DSA I was given ‘Study Skills Support’ which was supplied via The Learning Support Centre (LSC) and Jotters. 

The Study Skills support helped me with planning my work load and managing my deadlines and allowed me to meet with my tutor to look over my work regularly to make sure everything ‘made sense’. The support I received was invaluable for me during my time at university. I used to meet my tutor every week to go through work or just to talk about what was coming up and how I could best manage my time with my workload as well as a good ‘catchup’.

Since leaving university I applied for numerous jobs and attended quiet a few interviews to no avail. Then one day I was browsing DMU Works to see there was a job going for an ASW (Academic Support Worker) with Jotters. As I had already had support via the company I knew what students would like and expect from an ASW so thought why not apply?!

I sent my CV off and hoped that I would get a reply. Not long after applying I got a phone call asking me to attend an interview. The interview went very well and the next day I was offered the position and was given a date for induction. I started that week and I have really enjoyed the job ever since! I take notes for students who need support for numerous reasons and on a variety of courses (in my case for some of the modules I had just finished).

Also as part of my job I undertake ‘Buddying’ support at a local college, which means I keep students focused on what they have to do and ensure sure they understand tasks.

I find my job very rewarding as I really like helping other people out and it’s nice to see students improving and making the most of their potential.

I have been able to see both sides of support that can be provided in a learning environment from the support worker and the students perspectives.

LSC and Jotters is a great company to work for the people in the office are always upbeat and happy to answer any questions that you may have; I am saying this from the support worker side and the student perspective. Also the support I have received from my co-workers (which are all amazing by the way) has allowed me to settle into the company.

If you are a student going to university or is at university I cannot recommend the support that I had received highly enough as it really was invaluable for me!