LSC Transcription Services

We offer a fast and efficient transcription service
Tailored transcription to meet your requirements:
• Text to Audio
• Audio to Text
• PDF to word
• Adapt printed materials

• Do you have lots of reading on your course which needs to be made accessible?
• Do you have visually impaired students or applicants that require your learning or marketing materials in an audio format?
• Do you have texts that need scanning into an electronic format to make them accessible?
• Do you have interviews that need transcribing, but haven’t the time to transcribe them?
The Learning Support Centre offer a fast, accurate service which means you receive the documents or audio files in the format you need them. Please contact us for a competitive quote 0116 2548881. We will provide a bespoke solution which enables your company or institution to provide an extremely efficient service to your staff and clients.
Transcription support in usually funded through the Disabled Students’ Allowances or Access to Work but some people can use direct payments or pay privately. If you use our service we will deal with all the employment issues so you will not have to worry about recruitment and payment of tax and national insurance.
Find out if you are eligible for Disabled Students’ Allowances and/or Access to Work