LSC – Supporting Dyslexic Clients

Workplace support

A dyslexic client is likely to receive Study Skills support. Study Skills are one-to-one sessions with one of our experienced tutors, sessions are an opportunity to work on strategies to produce written work through research strategies, time management, assignment planning and referencing.

Revision skills can also be covered as well as looking at any presentations that may have been set.

Examples of strategies a tutor would use include reading work out loud and pause at commas and full stops to help hear where punctuation needs to be placed, highlight the main points being asked for in the essay, check understanding of the question then mind map under appropriate headings of introduction, main body/argument and conclusion, check the required word count and note down how many words to write in each section, perhaps in a different colour, these can then be deleted this when the essay is complete, pin a large sheet of paper on a ‘study wall‘. Write the assignment question in the middle of the paper. Use colour coded sticky notes to start to brainstorm ideas. These can be added to and moved around as ideas develop and an argument is formed. When books are borrowed from the library it’s a good idea to take a photo of the books so that when it comes to looking for them to return them they are easier to find – also set a remainder or write in your diary when they are due back to avoid fines.

These ideas can be used in the workplace, at home or at college/university.