LSC – Support Expectations


What can I expect from my learning support?

Firstly you will be contacted by a member of our friendly and knowledgeable team who will explain to you exactly how your support will work and ask you if you have any preferences (e.g. if you’re allocated note-taking support would you like your note-taker to sit with you in lectures or if you’d prefer them to use blue or black ink). It is important to establish preferences because this support is designed to suit you best.

When you’re clear about what the support or support types you are allocated are, and how that they will benefit you, we will ask you for a copy of your timetable. This will allow us to know exactly when and where the support is to take place as well as the frequency such as – once a week on a Wednesday afternoon or every day at 2pm.

All students are matched to tutors, trainers or support workers on an individual basis (again, this is why your preferences are important to us). It’s important for us to match you to someone whose support you can fully benefit from.

There are certain requirements and boundaries that we must adhere to and all students are sent a document called a ‘Signed Service Agreement’  which lists things that we need from you and what you can expect from us. These include: the requirement to sign timesheets, the 24 hour cancellation policy and that staff will wait for 15 minutes into a booked session for you to arrive before they leave.

Once you have been matched to a support worker and your support has commenced you can expect a highly professional and reliable service. You’ll have one point of contact in the LSC office who you are able to talk to about your support at any time. You will receive quality notes, a knowledgeable tutor or skilled assistant who will provide a service that will support you in higher education.