LSC Race for Life Race Day 2016

LSC Race for Life Race Day 2016



On Sunday 10th July Amy, Laura, Jackie and Jayne from The Learning Support Centre office team took part in this year’s 5km Cancer Research UK Race for life. It was a fantastic day and all the ladies achieved the course in under 40 minutes.

Leicester’s Victoria Park was a sea of pink with tutus, tattoos and t-shirts worn by all the ladies involved in the event. After a few short words from the event organisers and a testimonial from a young lady who had beaten cancer there was a minutes silence to remember those friends and family that had lost their lives to cancer and a moment to remember why events such as these are so important.

Then the race was on but not before a boxing themed warm up, then on to the start line. Three, Two, one …… and the race was on. The sun was shining and there were smiles all around with energetic running when the crowd cheered you on and a sneaky rest in between. Around the route ladies were sharing their stories and encouraging each other along all with names they running the race for.

So many of the ladies who participate in the Cancer Research UK Race for Life events Race for Life, have been affected by cancer. Whether it is through personal health or through a friend or family member, the Race for Life is a time to celebrate their life and rejoice in the steps towards beating cancer.

So far the #LSCDreamTeam have raised £767 and still raising Just Giving. A massive thank you to everyone who has donated.

If you would like to donate to Cancer Research UK you can sponsor the #LSCDreamTeam #PinkArmy.

If you would like to meet the LSC Dream Team and how we can support you in the education and the workplace.

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Written by  Jayne Sanderson