LSC – National Allotment Week

green-evolution-logo10-16th August 2015 is National Allotment Week.

The use of allotments was something myself and my colleague Amy discussed promoting at the Learning Support Centre Sustainability Day which was held on June 24th. For those of you who didn’t get chance to come in, here’s what you missed! As soon as you entered Phoenix Yard you were greeted by green footsteps which lead the way to the office, once through the door you were met with a table full of artwork by local artists which included items that had a shabby chic make-over, hand engraved glassware and framed photos.

The corridor was turned into a catwalk showcasing items available from the LOROS and Oxfam shops on Market Street. We were also able to display 6 items of vintage clothing which were kindly loaned to us by Pink Pigeon – the Cank Street vintage shop.

The Fair-Trade shop in St Martin’s Square lent us items to sell which included bamboo socks, beautiful hand-made cards, children’s toys made from rubber plants and paper items made exclusively from elephant dung! There was a cake that was purchased from Currant Affairs, tips on sustainable travel solutions, a craft area, delightful handmade lights made from alcohol bottles and also some handy garden solutions.

We also incorporated the kitchen and had a display of produce from Leicester Market (and some yummy homemade cakes). There was also information about butterfly houses in Abbey Park plus recycling and eco-friendly cleaning products.

There are numerous benefits of having an allotment, or just by being outside in the fresh air as you’re closer to nature. Imagine the sense of accomplishment from seeing something that you have planted and nurtured grow. There are many mental health perks too which include a boost to concentration, a better sleep pattern, reduced tension and a wider social network. Also, work in the garden is like exercise so you’ll look good and feel good too.