LSC and Jotters FAQs – DSA


Like most client based organisations, there are a number of frequently asked questions (FAQs) The Learning Support Centre and Jotters are approached with.

There is a FAQ page within our Student Information Pack (SIP) which can be found on page 7. All clients are e-mailed a copy of the SIP when they are referred to us.

The first question within the SIP is “what happens next?” The Learning Support Centre and Jotters provide academic support for disabled people in education and the workplace. Once funding has been agreed (usually via Disabled Students Allowances) we are sent a referral which contains information about the client, their requirements and their contact details. A member of the team will correspond with the client by both telephone and e-mail to discuss their support needs and availability.

It is important that our clients know that we are here to support them during their journey and are encouraged to get in touch with any questions, queries or comments they may have.