LSC in partnership with Medincle

Medical Dictionary

The Learning Support Centre is pleased to announce the partnership with Medincle.

Medincle’s medical spell checker integrates seamlessly with all of the Microsoft Office programs on both Windows and Mac, as well as with the iWork suite, providing the greatest compatibility on the market. The software uses British spelling, covering over 70,000 medical terms, including thousands of generic and trade drug names. With continued licenses, the dictionary is updated on a biannual basis, ensuring the latest terminology is always utilised.

The partnership with the Learning Support Centre will give greater coverage for Medincle in terms of their target market of the DSA and Access to work. With the Learning Support Centre’s strong background in the field of DSA and continued growth the partnership will be beneficial to both parties.

“When we first spoke to The Learning Support Centre we knew that they had the skill’s internally and externally to get our product to a wider market. As a truly British product offering a cost effective answer to medical spell checking for those individuals in receipt of DSA or Access to work we felt passionate that a partnership with Laura and her team was going to ensure that those who required the product would benefit” – Richard Purcell, Director of Medincle

As part of the partnership The Learning Support Centre will be introducing Medincle to Assessment centres, assessors and the ATSP’s ensuring all those in the relevant sectors are given the information they need. They will also be acting as the initial sales contact for any DSA and ATW sales and facilitating them on behalf of Medincle.

We see this as the start of great working relationships with both Richard and Niels and are looking forward to the months ahead. As part of our continued growth the relationship with Medincle was a great fit and we are confident that the product will be enthusiastically welcomed.” Laura Cook, MD of the Learning Support Centre.

For more information about the product then please contact the Learning Support Centre and talk to one of the friendly informed staff who will be happy to help with any enquiries and book an appointment to meet with one of the team. In the meantime take a look at the video: