LSC Dream Team Cancer Research Race for Life 2016

LSC Dream Team Cancer Research Race for Life 2016


The ladies from The Learning Support Centre office team have joined forces to walk, run or possible skip in this year’s 5km Cancer Research UK Race for Life. They will be at Leicester’s Victoria Park this Sunday come rain or shine, dressed in pink and ready to


The Cancer Research UK Race for Life is a fantastic event where women from across the UK join forces to raise money, awareness and celebrate friends and families affected by cancer.

The money raised through donations will support

  • £5 kits one of our research labs out with essential chemicals.
  • £8 kits out our scientists with a lab timer, helping them to find out what makes a cancer cell tick.
  • £20 buys a lab coat, box of gloves and goggles. Not only geek chic, but vital items to help our scientists carry out life-saving research.
  • £30 covers the cost of a cervical cancer trial for one day.
  • £70 pays for a Bunsen burner to help ignite groundbreaking research on a daily basis.
  • £180 pays for one day of a trial to discover faster diagnosis and new therapies to treat brain cancer.
  • £300 buys a hotplate to warm special solutions, turning up the temperature on groundbreaking research.
  • £400 is the cost of running Cancer Chat for one day helping thousands of people through very difficult times.

Provided by: Race for Life 2016

So many of the ladies who participate in the Cancer Research UK Race for Life events, have been affected by cancer. Whether it is through personal health or through a friend or family member, the Race for Life is a time to celebrate their life and rejoice in the steps towards beating cancer.


If you would like to donate to Cancer Research UK you can sponsor the #LSCDreamTeam #PinkArmy.



Written by

Jayne Sanderson