LSC Assistive Technology Reviews

 LSC Assistive Technology Reviews – Mind View 6


What does this product or service do?

MindView 6 continues to provide students and employee with learning difficulties and differences to create visual mind maps and plan the base for assignments and projects.


What does this product do differently than the competition?

The new edition has been developed with various key features.

The layout has been designed to look like the current Microsoft Office Software, which for ease of access with ‘file’ functions and tab add-in. For regular uses of Microsoft Office this is a great time saver that allows one less step to get to grips with. For those that are ‘fans’ of the Microsoft Mail there is a new edition of accessing/ creating tasks and sharing with contacts.

MindView 6 has been technologically advanced for those that use Dragon Naturally Speaking, its voice commands supports the creative functions of creating the mind map to functional tools of saving etc.

A quick start allows you to revisit training video’s to support new users to easily allocate rather than spending time to google questions and finding YouTube clips.

The addition of inserting hyperlinks and pictures to identify for subject areas.


What does this product do that is great?

Legends –allows for the user to allocate focus through colour that then can be highlight to branches and sub branches. This can support content planning and task focus.

GANT/time lines/PowerPoint- the formatting allows you to adapt your mind map into the required layout.






What does this product do that is bad?

MindView 6 has more tricks and treats that can allow for creativity however practice and use is definitely a must to get the most out of the software.


Who is the ideal person for this product?

  • This product is ideal for Dyslexic students and employees that are wanting to improve their mind mapping and planning strategies and the visual element and internet link do support this.
  • This would be a plus for companies who are want to support their staff in project management and use of the GANT formation is a specific area that can support staff visualise the goal date


Who can train me in this product?

The Learning Support Centre can train individuals and groups on this software and would recommend a minimum 2 hour booking.