LSC: Assistive Technology Review

LSC: Assistive Technology Review- Global Auto Correct 

What does this product or service do?

Global Auto Correct by Lexable allows the user to produce a piece of written work or email without distraction of having to return to amend any misspellings.

What does this product do differently than the competition?

Global Auto Correct is discreet, unlike other assistive technology.

Global Autocorrect is only shown as active by a blue icon on your tool bar.




What does this product do that is great?

Global Auto correct has accessed a number of subject/industry dictionaries that can support students across the academic board.

What does this product do that is bad?

It takes a while to recognise it is working. From my initial usage it does not always seem to catch all words which you then have to check using the F2 key.

Who is the ideal person for this product?

The software is great for when you want to write text quickly to support the user with emails and project writing.

Who can train me in this product?

The Learning Support Centre can train individuals and groups on this software and would recommend a minimum 2 hour booking.