LSC: Assistive Technology Review

Sonocent Audio Notetaker






What does this sonocent Audio Note taker do?

Audio note taker makes working with audio easy which can help you get the most from meetings, interviews, classes and lectures. It works by allowing you to put all your ideas and information into one place. You record can record live university lectures or record straight from your computer allowing you to make notes on videos Webinars and video conferencing. You can also import pre-recorded audio you may have recorded from interviews.

How does Sonocent Audio Notetaker work?

Audio Note taker then converts the audio in to chunks which are separated by gaps in speech meaning that each chunk represents a phrase.

You can then listen back at your own pace colour highlighting phrases that are important or that you don’t understand and need to research further. You can also select chunks and drag them around to move them as well as cut/copy/paste and delete them.

There are 3 other panes alongside the audio pane one for text, one for references and one for images. The text pane allows you to make your own notes next to the audio notes, the reference pane allows you to add references and links to further research and the image pane allows you to add relevant images. The image pane also allows you to add in PowerPoint slides and PDFs which are especially useful for lectures.

Once you have captured and organised your notes you can export them in various formats. You can export audio as an album or on to iTunes so you can listen to your edited recording on the go. You can export audio and images as a video and you can export your text and images in to a word or pages document.

You can also get Audio Notetaker to read out text you have written by accessing the speak menu this allows you to listen back to see if it reads ok and there are no errors. As well as this you can also get Audio Note taker to transcribe audio of your own voice by activating Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

Areas to consider.

 Audio Note taker does not seem to have many negative points however one would be that the version for the Mac is stripped down quite a bit compared to the version for Windows.

Who can train me in this product?

The Learning Support Centre can deliver assistive tecnology trainning to individuals and groups on this software and would recommend a minimum 2 hour booking. Get in touch with the team to find out more how we can help you.

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