Love Island contestant Niall Aslam talks openly about his diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome

Written by Amy Deignan

Who is Niall Aslam?

Niall Aslam, who was previously a contestant on Love Island prior to his shock departure has revealed to the public that he has Asperger Syndrome in a post on Instagram.

Asperger’s is one of the autism spectrum disorders that can make it difficult for people to cope with change or stressful stimulants. In Niall’s post he explains that he had kept his diagnosis a secret from everyone apart from his close family until this point, he also talks about how difficult it was for him growing up and how he had been worried about the label and stigma that he felt came with his diagnosis.

It’s great that Niall now feels comfortable to share this with the world and help raise awareness of Autism and bring it to the attention of millions of people in the hope that this will bring about more understanding of Autism and help reduce the stigma that people with Autism and Aspergers still have to face.

We would like to wish Niall the very best for his future and hope he finds his rainbow fish outside of the villa 😊

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To find out more about what Asperger Syndrome is and to understand it better, please click HERE

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