Living sustainably

Living Sustainably

Each year The Learning Support Centre take part in De Montfort Universities Green Impact Award. We are all making a real effort to be Green in our the office. So, we thought we would share a few tips about how to be Green at home, to promote how to live sustainable lives and the best thing is they are all FREE!!

  • Always use your washing machine on the lowest temperature settings – bio washing powder contains enzymes that are specifically chosen because they work at this temperature, if you crank the temperature up then it can actually make the washing powder ineffective.


  • Make things easy for your fridge and freezer. Keeping them full means they don’t have to work as hard and therefore they use less energy. Empty space in your fridge or freezer wastes not only space but energy too.Light


  • Turn the pressure down on the power shower. A high-pressure power shower is a great luxury to have but you’d be surprised how much water they use – sometimes even more than a bath.


  • Switch off or unplug any chargers or appliances you don’t need on. Many chargers draw power continuously, even when the device is not plugged into the charger.


  • Set your computer to sleep or hibernate mode instead of using a screen saver so it uses less electricity during periods of inactivity.


  • If they have a standby-by light, a display or are hot to the touch they’ll be using energy just by being plugged in