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My experiences as a specialist teacher working with dyslexic students By Victoria White

Dyslexia can present learners with a range of challenges. As a Study Skills Support Tutor working in Higher Education, my job is to support learners to become independent through the development of essential study strategies.

I have been working in a support role for 8 years and am always learning new skills and knowledge. I decided to enrol onto a Level 5 Dyslexia course so that I could put my previous teacher training skills into action and learn more about Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD’s). By combining these two areas I learned how to support students at university level and consider different ways of learning.

The course gave me the opportunity to complete 20 hours of teaching, write lesson plans and make my own resources. Upon completion, I was able to put these skills into practice and successfully understand the student’s point of view when approaching study, learning and completing assignments.

I was then able to secure full membership with a relevant SpLD association to further support my continuing professional development. Later, I decided to enrol onto a Level 7 Dyslexia course to learn how to assess and diagnose dyslexia which led me to have a deeper interest in SpLDs and their impact on learning.

Being a Study Skills Support Tutor means I can timetable students into a mutually agreed, regularly booked session, support their progress and enable them to succeed in their chosen vocation. This means they can continue learning knowing that dedicated support is available to them.

Working for the Learning Support Centre means I am also supported by a great team; I can share my skills with others and continue learning.

I can honestly say that this role has been the most rewarding in my career so far. There’s no better feeling than knowing you have empowered someone to achieve their goals and realise their true potential.

If you would like to become a Specialist Dyslexia Teacher enrol on our Level 5 Diploma