The Ice Bucket Challenge – The Learning Support Centre and Jotters

It was a Thursday afternoon in early September. As the time approached 4pm, 6 members of the team changed out of their ‘office wear’ and a new uniform of black leggings and a company branded t-shirt.

It took several minutes to fill up the 6 (large) buckets and 2 washing up bowls. Our ‘friends’ who work for an IT company upstairs enthusiastically arrived to tip all of the water over our heads!

We had positioned ourselves in the courtyard of Phoenix Yard for a quick rehearsal – we had laminated cards and a vague script to say into the camera…and then…down came the water! The guys decided not to wait until we were ready, not to wait for the thumbs up they had been told to expect, no they just threw the water when they chose to!

But we didn’t mind really, because it was for a great cause! We chose to raise money for Target Ovarian Cancer and our ice bucket challenge raised £120 for this very worthy cause.

To watch our ice bucket challenge head to our You tube channel

If you wish to donate text TOVC01 & your donation amount to 70070