How Mentoring Helps Student Stress

Adele and her award

The BBC have recently reported that university students experiencing stress has increased by 10% and more students than ever are seeking support from counselling services.

Here’s the link to the full story:

There are many reasons why we may feel stress, contributing factors may include our work-load, anxiety or money worries.

The Learning Support Centre provide Specialist Mentoring to students and clients who experience stress. The foundation for mentoring is the relationship between the mentor and mentee.  Over time, a supportive and respectful relationship of trust is developed allowing the mentee to explore issues and work on overcoming barriers in a safe environment. The mentor supports the mentee in problem-solving, decision making and testing out new strategies. The mentoring sessions offer opportunities for reflection and constructive feedback to enhance the personal development of the mentee.

Ways that the support provided by a mentor in the education setting are focused around a regular meeting each week to support students in overcoming any barriers that are affecting their studies. This could range from helping  to organise time, start assignments, discuss problems, or help with exam preparation. The mentor will support students to enjoy their time at school, college or university and make the most of the opportunities available.