Great career opportunities with The Learning Support Centre

Great career opportunities with The Learning Support Centre

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The Learning Support Centre are a vibrant company that is empowered by its people. We provide support to people in education and the workplace.  We are currently growing our disability confidence and accessibility, consultancy and training services. The Learning Support Centre have been providing support to individuals with mental health, dyslexia and disability since 2003. We deliver our services across the United Kingdom to support our clients for to reach their full potential. Our support is discreet and bespoke to the clients needs.

We are looking for innovative and passionate people who are experienced supporting people in higher education or in the workplace. To be able to establish and maintain professional boundaries and understands the needs, objectives and constraints of those in other disciplines and functions.

Our current roles include:

Specialist Mentoring- Nottingham, London

Our Specialist Mentors provide a complementary service to existing support within the educational institution or workplace, addressing the needs of clients with mental health difficulties who need help to overcome barriers in order to achieve their full potential. You will need to hold a vocational qualification in Social Work, Occupational Therapy or Psychiatric Nursing. Registration to a Professional auditing body. This can include Nursing and Midwifery Council, HPCP Health and Care Professions Council

 Support Assistants -Newcastle

Support Assistants provide support for University students with mobility difficulties and for those with personal care needs and academic support including taking handwritten and typed notes in lectures, seminars and tutorials. Practical and mobility support, as well as examination support in the form of a reader or scribe and support within lab sessions depending on the needs of the students. Working as a personal assistance in the home and place of study. You will also provide access support on and around campus, and the city centre, support with food and drink preparation, and general personal care.

Support Coordinator/Support Assistants – Newcastle

Responsible for ensuring student support runs efficiently and to high standard in line with a student centered approach. Lead on the coordination and delivery of academic support and personal care support provision within Newcastle, coordinating support staff, making initial contact with students, drawing up support plans, risk assessments and matching support workers, tutors and trainers appropriately


Our roles have flexible hours and have a mindful company ethos in approach to work and clients at all times.

If you are interested in applying for any of the above roles or interested in our roles we deliver why not visit our careers page to find out more.