Why do we ask for feedback?

We’ve all been there – being called or emailed by different companies for feedback. Everyone does it, from Amazon to Asda. But the feedback they seek is really in our best interest because it allows companies to make improvements or gives the customer / service user the opportunity to voice how they feel about certain products or services.

Feedback is not always negative, it also gives you the opportunity to praise or thank the company or organisation.

Here at the Learning Support Centre and Jotters we collate feedback from our students three times a year, this is for a number of reasons. It gives students the opportunity to express themselves, there might be something small they are dissatisfied about that they didn’t feel they want to contact us about. But by a member of the team contacting them we’re actively asking them if they’re happy with everything. it doesn’t happen very often, but if someone does have a complaint it can be nipped in the bud early.


Don’t forget, someone is far less likely to make the effort to compliment than they are complain!