Every Word Counts

Every Word Counts. Words are one of the essential tools individuals use to communicate. Ever heard of the saying “Be sure to taste your words before you spit them out” “Be careful what you say, you can say something in 10 seconds but ten years later the wound is still there”

When words are said in the right way and articulated right it can affect someone accepting or denying your message. A simple choice of words can change someone’s mind. You can have the power to bring someone from the slumps of life and make a success out of them or you can change someone’s happiness using only your words.

Mohammed Qahtani shares an inspiring speech about why EVERY word matters. He shares a story about his dear friend who sought to make his father proud and when he finally had something to make his dad proud- the father’s response impacted on his life.  Words said from certain people hurt more, especially if you care about them.

Please click this link to hear more:  Why EVERY word matters

Choose your words wisely, words are a means for us to express and describe our experiences to others. So, they always have emotions attached to them. Our feelings are constantly creating our lives. The words we use, especially when spoken repeatedly, can deepen our feelings and ultimately become our experience. Communicate with others in a positive way. There are always positive phrases that can convey your thoughts and feelings about something

In the support provision industry, with our choice of words we can change the life of people we support. We can help encourage someone in their studies by motivating them, giving them the confidence to fulfil their full potential. The Learning Support Centre is here to help students achieve their goals.