Emoodji- The app that supports with Mental Health



The charity Mind has developed an app designed to support students with monitoring their mental health. The charity has identified students as being a group who are under a lot of pressure and therefore vulnerable and in need of building resilience. Mind works towards supporting people who are particularly at risk of developing poor mental health and have identified students at being at risk. However many young people still feel there is stigma attached to mental health and therefore might be afraid to ask for help.

With this at the centre of the thought process, Mind have sought to develop an app which was both simple to use and fun and would assist the user to monitor their mental health and receive advice where needed.

So here’s how it works, the app ‘Emoodji’ involves taking a selfie, attaching an emoji and sharing it with friends. A familiar action for many students which encourages being open about how the person is feeling. Over time the app helps the user monitor their mood and will send them tips on coping with student life.

Mind’s Head of Communication and marketing Ruth Richards said ‘using digital platforms for mental health support is really interesting. Websites and phone apps can be used to help people who are struggling, people who maybe don’t feel they can go out and seek support. There’s an important gap there that digital mental health support can fill’

Emoodji can be helpful to track stress around exams or assignments, homesickness and also the times when you’re feeling relaxed or happy. It’s free and easy to use and in has relevance to the student population as fits in with the current trends in social media.

Check out the website www.emoodji.co.uk

If you need support with your mental health check out our website www.learningsupportcentre.com/mental-health-services