Dyslexia Awareness Week


5th – 11th October 2015 Dyslexia Awareness Week

This years theme is “Making Sense of Dyslexia”. Common characteristics of dyslexia include mixing up letters in words, learning the alphabet, confusing the sounds of words and letters, poor phonological awareness and problems expressing knowledge of a subject. Dyslexia Awareness Week looks at the impact of support and intervention.

The Learning Support Centre have several years experience in supporting dyslexic clients. Please see below examples of Study Skills strategies that tutors may suggest:

  • Read your work out loud and pause at commas and full stops to help hear where you need to place your punctuation
  • Highlight the main points being asked for the essay, check understanding of the question then mind map under appropriate headings of introduction, main body/argument and conclusion (include notes on word counts for each section)
  • Write the main point for each paragraph first, then explain with examples
  • The key is in the question! Analyse the ‘question word’ (e.g. explain’), background subject, exact question subject, ‘question adjective’ (e.g. ‘critically’) and then create a framework
  • Draw out a mind map of key themes before you start writing
  • Engage in the feedback provided by tutors for previously submitted work
  • Print drafts instead of looking it on screen. Cut and paste for real not just electronically!