De Montfort University recognises students success

De Montfort University recognise student success

It has been a fantastic year for Catherine Taylor who has ended the academic year with great results! Catherine was competing for only one of four awards in her year group. The recipient of the award was announced at the Student OSCARS (Course Rep Awards). As part of the awards, Catherine was invited to attend the Student OSCARs at the City Rooms on Saturday 17th May at 6:30pm.

Catherine has recently completed her first year in BSc Media Production, with her hard work and determination Catherine has had a fantastic year with amazing results and getting 95% on a phase test.

Unbeknown to Catherine she was nominated by her tutor Zoe Allman, who stated the following:

“Cathie has shown amazing determination and focus on all aspects of her studies. She is incredibly dedicated, and this shows through in her approaches to studying both the theoretical and practical aspects of this programme of study.”

Speaking to Catherine it was great to meet and have a chat about the award ceremony and the mentoring support she has been accessing during her first year at DMU from Jotters.

Catherine has been accessing mentoring support via Jotters, on a weekly basis, during these sessions Catherine has worked on various strategies to overcome the obstacles that Catherine faced this academic year.

Catherine informed me that she sometimes struggles with her condition; Bi Polar Affective Disorder. “The support from Jotters has been brilliant!” Catherine stated.

“Anne is very supportive and always made me write things down- and we worked on various strategies for planning work. Furthermore, it was important to set goals high and to have confidence in one’s self”.

Catherine feels the DSA mentoring support is so valuable, additionally Catherine then went on to say that the Disability Services, Mental Health Team and the Faculty of Technology at DMU have been brilliant too.

Catherine feels that she has been open about her mental health and feels that if you are open about things then often people can are open with you, which is helpful. Catherine also feels people should not be disregarded due to their disability.