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If you are dyslexic or have a mental health condition don’t let that prevent you going for postgraduate study. The Learning Support Centre can provide you with a specialist dyslexia tutor or mental health mentor who can support you through your studies. The support is funded via Disabled Students Allowances.

Here is the experience of one of our post graduate students who accessed support through one of our dyslexia specialists…

“I was not assessed as having dyslexia and dyspraxia until I was 24, after already completing 5 years at university, both at degree and masters level.
Before working with Sue I felt I did not grasp the English language well, especially my grammar and my confidence in my writing was low. Despite receiving marks for my essays in the 70-80% range, my grammar and how I wrote would let me down in both my essays and my reports I have to write in work.

Sue provided me with excellent help and support. I thought at first it would be difficult to receive a good quality of support through Skype as I am a distance learning student however, Sue adapted her sessions with me so it worked very well. She was very helpful in her approach to supporting me with my writing and grammar and I found the way she structured the sessions very useful. Especially the explanation documents she created for different grammar rules. I keep these close by whenever I need to write an essay or report to refresh my memory. She adapted the sessions to my learning needs and I feel I really benefited from her support.

I have had feedback from both my tutors in university to say my writing has greatly improved. I have seen an increase in my marks and the feedback from tutors very rarely mentions my grammar and writing style in anything but a positive manner. Additionally I have recently had feedback from my line manager and those who read my reports for Crown Court stating they were of an excellent quality and that my ability to convey information had vastly improved since I started working for Probation 15 months ago. I can only attribute this improvement to Sue’s high quality of support. Most importantly I have noticed a great improvement in my confidence when writing essays and reports, I feel I have a better grasp of the English Language.

I would recommend using The Learning Support Centre to any student, it is a brilliant service.”

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