Are you watching the A word?


A few people mentioned the A word was worth a watch, and I am so glad I have caught up! As well as being a good drama, it really opened my eyes to how difficult it can be for the whole family to accept they have a child with autism. I can’t imagine how it would feel to hear a health professional tell you your child has problems with communication and audio processing, and then to have someone come into your home and tell you how to communicate with your child, and where you are going wrong.


Someone once told me being a mother is a life time of worry and guilt, I imagine a diagnosis of autism would add to a mother’s fears of what their son or daughter may face in the future.


Alison played by Morven Christie plays a strong mother who wants the best for her son. I have an 18 month old, and know you love your child no matter what. Failure to give your child the best possible chance in life is not an option!

I have worked in education for 11 years with young people with disabilities, and I have come across many women similar to Alison who have had to fight to get a diagnosis and ongoing support for their child. Unfortunately, it is the case of having to shout loud to get heard. I am proud to work for The Learning Support Centre, working with mothers like Alison to support young people on the Autistic Spectrum, I have the pleasure to work with students, colleagues and friends who are on the Autistic Spectrum and don’t consider them to have problems, just differences that make a person interesting, talented and great to work with. What is your experience?