App to seek out accessible places


Ableroad is new app designed to allow people with disabilities and medical conditions to review and rate venues such as restaurants hotels shops and a range of other public facilities in terms of their accessibility. The AbleRoad app is available as a free download for both iOS and Android devices and allows the user to set up an account or to register using their Facebook account.

Definitely a lot of potential here for finding accessible places when out an about, however from using this app in my area it was clear that its slightly lacking in information .

However its early days. Ableroad needs people to populate it with reviews in order to become a more effective tool. I’m sure we can all remember how review sites like trip advisor were when they first started- it  takes time for reviews to build up.

A strength for me is that you can rate with stars but also add specific comments and information using the text box if desired, meaning a reader can get a general idea of the place from the rating if in a rush or read longer reviews when not in a hurry.

I think this is definitely an app to watch. Try using it in your area and get most importantly – add your reviews!