Travelling Greener









To fly or not to fly an education.
As the Learning Support Centre considers its carbon footprint in our aim to achieve our third National Union of Students, Green Impact Award I am curious about how we can travel internationally in a greener fashion. The Guardians, Ducan Clark presents an interesting picture, in the above article. In summary the aviation industry reports flights are responsible for only 1.5-2% of Global co2 omissions but the actual figure is more likely to be nearer 20%. Most UK citizens fly once every 2 years, so it is the minority of people that fly regularly creating this huge carbon footprint.
Our government want to reduce the UKs carbon footprint by 80% by 2050 but is predicting a growth in flights which makes this aim hard to reconcile.

So what can we do? Here are 5 tips;

* Go by train if possible
* Fly in the day time
* Fly economy
* Take less baggage
* Holiday in the UK

The Learning Support Centre recommended this easy read for an education on living a low carbon, eco friendly life. Happy reading.