What is it?

SONY DSCPhilosophy for children (P4C) is a fun and interesting way to boost children’s analytical and critical thinking skills. It will allow your child to share ideas and challenge their own and each other’s opinions and perceptions in a supportive group environment. It can increase their confidence and develop their speaking and listening skills. In each session children will be encouraged to think creatively and develop their reasoning skills, using pictures, objects and stories as a stimulus. 

Club leader


“Hi my name is Jannene Ceeney-Bird (BEd. Hons)  I am a former Deputy Head teacher with 24 years’ experience of teaching at primary level. I currently work as a Dyslexic Study Skills Tutor and I am studying for a masters module in Difficulties in Literacy Development. I have been using philosophy to develop children’s thinking skills as a P4C practitioner for over ten years. 

My favourite ice cream flavour is black cherry and if I went back to school I would study fashion design.”



 When can I do this?

Jannene will be delivering P4C course for ages 7-12 years every Thursday from 5th August-19th August.

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Philosophy for Children

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