Should I choose The Learning Support Centre to provide my personal care and domestic support?

Your questions answered…

Our team looked at the WHICH guide to choosing a support agency, here are The Learning Support Centres answers to key questions you may consider when making your choice.


Do you interview your recruits and take up at least two written references before offering them work?


Do all your Support Assistants undergo a criminal records check? 


Will I have a regular Support Assistant? 


What will happen if the Support Assistant is off sick? 

We will contact you as soon as we are notified to let you know cover arrangements.

What happens if a Support Assistant is unable to get to me because of adverse weather conditions or heavy traffic? 

We try to anticipate problems with weather and will arrange alternative means of transport where required. All Support Assistants should allow plenty of time to get you, considering the weather and traffic situation. lf an issue does occur we will communicate effectively with you to ensure you know what is happening with your support and what cover can be arranged, keeping you fully informed so you can make a choice around alternative arrangements.

How many different Support Assistants are likely to visit me in a week or in a month?

Between 1 – 3 depending on your individual support requirements.

What sort of training do the Support Assistants receive? Do they have an induction period? How often is their training updated? 

All staff have a comprehensive 

induction and continual reviews and refresher training which is tailored to

supporting people in an education or work place setting. The training includes Disability Confidence Training, Safeguarding, Data Protection, Professional Boundaries,

Health and Safety, Moving and Handling, Food Hygiene, this list is not

exhaustive. Depending on your requirements your support team may have

specific training.

What qualifications and experience do they have? For example, do they have a Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) vocational qualification in lifting and manual handling? 


Will Support Assistants keep written records of the support that has been given and have accurate timesheets for me to sign? Can copies of the records be sent to me if I want them? 

Support logs are made at each session and timesheets are signed via an electronic timesheet system.

How will you match the most suitable Support Assistant to my needs?

 We will have meeting with you to discuss your needs and will match you with a Support Assistant/s who has relevant knowledge and experience, this could be due to a range of factors relating to your specfic needs, course you are studying or your dietary preferences.

Will you be able to find Support Assistants who can visit at the time I need care?


What happens if l’m incompatible with my Support Assistant? Can a different Support Assistant be requested?

Yes, we want to hear from you regularly, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if something is not right. Not everyone is compatible.

What happens in the event of a medical emergency? Will the agency, caner stay with me until help comes? Will they notify me of any problems? 

Your Support Assistant will stay with you unless there is someone else who can wait with you, for example a friend, family member or colleague.

How will Support Assistants, get into my home if I can’t answer the door? How will that information be kept secure? 

We would use a key safe, access information would be stored on the Support Assistants time sheet app on their phone which is password protected.

Do you have a standard contract for work with private clients? Does it detail roles and responsibilities? Can we see a copy?


What specialist care are you registered to provide, such as dementia or sensory impairments? 

We aren’t registered to provide any specialist care.

What are your hourly charges? 

£17 per hour

Are there any minimum charges, such as a minimum number of hours per week?


What happens on weekends and bank holidays? ls care provided? 

We only provide services 8.30am – 6.30pm Monday to Fridays.

How is payment required – by cheque, direct debit or some other way?

 Direct Debit is our preferred method of payment.

How often is payment required? Monthly or weekly? 


Are there any extra charges? 


What insurance do you have in place, for example, in the case of damage to property, the carer making a mistake or the Support Assistant having an accident in my home? 

We have public liability, employer liability and professional indemnity insurance.

How do you ensure quality of Support is maintained? What are your quality assurance policies and procedures? 

We have robust and quality driven recruitment and training, we collect feedback from stakeholders and review our policies and procedures annually. Please see our statement of purpose for more information.

What is your turnover of Support Assistants like? 

We have had no Support Assistants leave in the last 2 years (4.11.2019).

Does the agency have procedures in place to:

protect me from accidents, neglect or self-harm? Cover the way staff handle my money if the Support Assistant shops or pays my bills? Instruct staff not to borrow or lend money, not to accept gifts and not take children or pets into my house without permission?

Yes, we have robust policies and procedures to protect your wellbeing and choice.